Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Rant in the Key of C

Here is the thing. I do care about my patrons and their happiness. But I also have a respect for rules and fairness. A HUGE respect. Problem is, not all patrons share this love. Exceptions must always be made for those who feel they are special or more worthy than the next guy. I do not have patience for that. So please, do not try to guilt trip me into letting your child into the music program, ahead of a 15 people on a waiting list simply because little Bobby "loves music so much" or "adores the teacher" or "would simply be so upset if he missed this class". Listen sister, Bobby is 2 years old. You don't tell him he didn't get into the program, he won't know. He might even get it if you do tell him he didn't get it. And guess what? Suzy and Jane and Connor all loves music, too. So why does your son need to get priority over all these other children? Exactly, they don't. So go play your violin somewhere else, cuz I, unlike Bobby, am not a lover of such music.

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